Our Story

Hello Kings and Queens and welcome to Meenata's Crown Jewel. My name is Danielle and I am the owner of

Meenata's Crown Jewel. I want to personally thank you all for coming to my site and tell you a little about myself and my company. 


I am a single hard working mother, who is deep into the natural hair community and in 2016 started on my loc journey. I am one of those people who always like to experiment with my look and change it up a bit at times. My hair has been through the works (fried, dyed and laid to the side LOL). I wanted to come up with a unique and bold way to express myself through my hair and change it up without it being so drastic and harsh. I started making jewelry for my locs and as I was out and about I would get approached by women and men all the time. They would tell me how the love my jewels and asked where they could purchase some. Some people even offered to pay me to make some for them (Light bulb). I thought to myself let me help other women and men easy their natural hair journey and get through those awkward hair phases by dressing it up with some jewels. 


Your hair is your crown so adorn your crown with handmade jewelry. Great for locs, braids and twists.




Lots of LOVE, Danielle and the Meenata's Crown Jewel  Family! 

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